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Web design & development

I like spending time creating beautiful things for the web, being sure to utilise the latest of HTML5 & CSS3 technologies.

I enjoy creating projects with a cause, such as local community projects, university systems and mental health support.

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Mobile UI & UX design

I worked with Gree Melbourne, focusing on UI & UX creation, direction and implementation for the mobile title Guardians of Haven: Zombie War.

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Footnote: Gree Melbourne shut down in July 2017, this game will not be released.

I love skating

  • is a personal archive of skate parks and spots that I have found on my journeys around the world. I like to think of it as a personal scrapbook whilst giving other skaters the ability to find places to go skate.
  • I spent some time creating a small skateboard brand where I could design and print my own graphics and merchandise onto boards, shirts and jackets. It was a great experience and I hope to continue in the near future.


Sometimes I animation little cute cartoons, not often, but sometimes!

Royalty Free Music

Sometimes I make music, althought I don't release often, also they're free to use in your projects!

Get my silly tunes into those ear holes!

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front-end development & design projects.

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